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Imagine a world

Posted by engage on 12/01/16 6:02 PM
Imagine a world where cancer is cured.  Imagine a world where people live in peace and harmony. Imagine a world where love prevails.  Imagine a world where our planet is sustainable.
Imagine a world of dis-ease.  Imagine a world where people live in fear and war. Imagine a world where our planet is unsustainable.
Did you notice how you felt as you read the 2 contrasting views?  Hope versus Fear. Every day we are consciously or unconsciously imagining from a state of hope or fear. Both states can be true if we imagine them.
All magnificent and horrific feats have first been imagined. Our thinking creates our reality.  Please stop the mindlessness.  Please stop all the noise.  Please become mindful of our essence and actions and energy.  Please take responsibility of our own thinking and be kinder to ourselves and to the world.
Michelle Payne imagined as a young girl that she would win the Melbourne Cup. She created history this year.  She dreamed and she achieved.  Martin Luther King's extraordinary - 'I have a dream' speech resonated such hope and emotion and helped change the world.
Please be mindful of our dreams.  When we imagine we visualise ourselves as if we are in the present state experiencing the event, we see ourselves, we see the stage, we see the people around us and we feel the emotion.  When you imagine be conscious of our aspirations and have the courage and conviction to have hope.
I recently travelled through Las Vegas and was reminded of the planet and humankind's extraordinary ability to create.  The Grand Canyon - really, words cannot describe the magnificence of nature.  In the middle of the driest, hottest desert in the world there is the extraordinary, plethora of humankind's imagination - Las Vegas. Las Vegas was an oasis of jaw dropping architecture and experiences.  I am not a gambler and did not gamble.  I was in awe of the Venetian gondolas and the Bellagio's lights, lake and fountains, Wynn's waterfall and opulence, Circus de solei's breathtaking dreamlike shows.
Humankind is extraordinary - we are divine.  Please be mindful and not mindless and lets blanket the planet with hope and wonder.  Together we are extraordinary and it starts with one extraordinary thought at a time.