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Author : Sam Pitruzzello

Sam is an Executive Director at engage consulting group. He helps Australian start-ups commercialise their innovations and works with established organisations to extract maximum value from technology. Sam is an experienced Director and currently lectures at the University of Melbourne in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship.
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How to reduce cyber risks in data-intensive firms

Posted by Sam Pitruzzello on 11/02/19 8:21 PM
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Topics: cybersecurityeducation, cybersecurity, Cyber security insurance, GDPR

Why SME’s need to improve cyber-security

Posted by Sam Pitruzzello on 29/01/19 3:30 PM
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The Human Firewall – your last line of defence

Posted by Sam Pitruzzello on 21/01/19 9:02 PM
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Topics: cybersecurity, cybersecurityeducation, cybereducation

Top 5 Things That Start-ups Need

Posted by Sam Pitruzzello on 24/04/18 3:13 PM
Building a start-up is a tough endeavour and it's impossible for an individual or partnership to succeed on their own. The best and most successful entrepreneurial founders know they need to surround themselves with a high quality team with a broad range of experience, expertise, skills and..
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Topics: start-up, entrepreneur, mentoring, seed funding

Don't quit your day job. Six things that suggest you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur.

Posted by Sam Pitruzzello on 18/04/18 1:55 PM
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Topics: start-up, entrepreneur, technology business