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Top 5 Things That Start-ups Need

Posted by Sam Pitruzzello on 24/04/18 3:13 PM
Building a start-up is a tough endeavour and it's impossible for an individual or partnership to succeed on their own. The best and most successful entrepreneurial founders know they need to surround themselves with a high quality team with a broad range of experience, expertise, skills and..
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Don't quit your day job. Six things that suggest you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur.

Posted by Sam Pitruzzello on 18/04/18 1:55 PM
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WIP - Self Version 1.15

Posted by engage on 12/12/17 3:23 PM
I am WIP and I am not even sure what version I am up to, maybe version 1.15? The funny part of acknowledging that I am WIP is that there is always more to improve. I am not sure if I will ever get to a final version of myself. I certainly haven't peaked yet and the more I discover the more curious..
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Winter Wonder

Posted by engage on 20/07/17 5:47 PM
I haven’t felt the need to write for a little while and then suddenly it comes out in bursts. Below are 3 very short meanderings on experiences, books, ideas that have filtered into my life lately. Restore The temperature drops below 0 degrees I pull on some woolly socks ready to hibernate. This..
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Helping Portfolio

Posted by engage on 14/02/17 12:50 PM
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6 Gifts of Christmas

Posted by engage on 19/11/16 4:50 PM
6 Gifts of Christmas
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Tapping into your inner wisdom

Posted by engage on 23/05/16 4:49 PM
May 2016
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Ride the Wave of Life

Posted by engage on 13/04/16 11:13 AM
A motto is a short phrase that embraces the essence of one’s beliefs and ideologies. Here are some that stand out for me:
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Imagine a world

Posted by engage on 12/01/16 6:02 PM
Imagine a world where cancer is cured.  Imagine a world where people live in peace and harmony. Imagine a world where love prevails.  Imagine a world where our planet is sustainable. Imagine a world of dis-ease.  Imagine a world where people live in fear and war. Imagine a world where our planet is..
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Success - the inside job

Posted by engage on 17/06/15 10:59 AM
Success - the inside job I came across this quote from Dr Wayne Dyer: “Success is an inside job.  Being relaxed, at peace with yourself, confident, loose, and free floating – these are the keys to successful performance in almost everything you do.” When was the last time you felt this good about..
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